May. 17th, 2011

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Going from a weird cafe that seems to service multiple realities to Lucy's apartment is fortunately an easy trip -- it involves little more than walking through an appropriate door into Lucy's apartment building. She leads the way up to her little apartment on the third floor. "It's not much, but it's home," she says, unlocking the front door and leading Alex inside.

The apartment isn't very big, consisting of a little living room, a small office, a kitchenette, a tiny bathroom, and a bedroom. The living room is mostly done in white, with an off-white couch against the far wall and a small TV tucked into one corner. There's a very colorful rug on the floor, though, and lots and lots of plants. Lucy likes plants. There's open archways leading to the kitchen (again, done mostly in white, with a black-and-white checked floor) and the office (that room in beige, with a computer on a desk, a violin in a stand against one wall, a radio, and a few other pieces of music equipment). The bathroom and the bedroom both have proper doors, though. Lucy indicates the couch. "You want anything to eat or drink?" Only polite to offer.


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