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Lucy Leech ([personal profile] misslucysleeches) wrote2011-03-02 10:27 pm

Charloft Cupid Challenge

Note: Somewhat-discreet references to sex ahead, in case you're squicked by that or something.

Word List One:
turn off

Fic One:
The night had started off so well. Anthony had met her outside the theater bearing chocolate (a Whitman’s Sampler) and flowers (six red roses) in honor of the holiday. They’d hit the clubs for a while, drinking and dancing and generally having a blast. Then they’d returned to her place, where they’d ended up entwined on her bed in the missionary position. And it had been going really, really well –
Until he’d grabbed her hair and yanked. Ugh, why did he always do that during sex? Didn’t he realize what a turn off it was?! He’d better now – she’d kicked him out for it this time.
Word Count: 106
Score: 180 points

Word List Two:
*GreekGoddessGirl has logged on*
*DrLove8829 has logged on*

DrLove8829: A/S/L?
GreekGoddessGirl: This again? 20s/Female/You’d be lucky to find out.
DrLove8829: Aww, come on. I bet a girl like you is a rare beauty.
GreekGoddessGirl: Flatterer.
DrLove8829: I mean it! Come on, how about a date?
GreekGoddessGirl: We’ve talked, like, twice?
DrLove8829: Look, sometimes, you just know, ok?
GreekGoddessGirl: I do indeed. Just for your information, just becuase I’m bi doesn’ts mean I’ll automatically do a threesome.
DrLove8829: . . .Fuck.
GreekGoddessGirl: Know when to fold ‘em, sweetheart. ;)
*GreekGoddessGirl has logged off.*
Word Count: 89
Score: 300 points